First I want to beg your pardon because my writing skill is not so good. My writing here may seem boring but the idea is priceless. Now, I’m going to offer all of you my Chicken Soup, especially cooked by the life experience of the students.

In this Soup, I use “idiot” which is the most appropriate for most of the students and teachers. I’ve had been an idiot like most of Myanmar students. But I was enlightened by one of my teachers, who I thank from my heart whenever I think about being an idiot. I don’t want to be an idiot again and want you to know how poor it is to be an idiot. Since we first attended our schools, we are crammed with the ideas which will make us an idiot. We are told to write everything written in our textbooks. The teachers say, “You must write everything without anything wrong. To get high marks, you must memorize everything, even if it is wrong.” I think the teachers do not know what the word “thinking” means. In fact, there is no word called “thinking” in their mind. They think thinking means to be able to write down everything what a student had memorized. We students are much like a robot. We must do everything what the teachers say. Otherwise, we will be punished or suspended from the school. They have never opened a school. They just run a factory where thousands of idiots are born each year.  According to the first one who established a school, a school means a beautiful heaven where students have to think and create their own textbooks. The teachers are just for encouraging them to think            and stimulate students’ creative power. But that meaning was changed by our teachers in Myanmar. Now, a school means a hell where teachers are everything for the students. Teachers encourage students not to think but just to memorize and the students just do so. Without thinking, human beings could never build a fire. Thanks to our ancestors that they had thought a way to build fire. Otherwise, we must eat raw meat, food and vegetables. We would go naked, eat what we see and live in caves. Just imagine that world. I am sure it is so strange to think a world without thinking. But we Myanmar citizens are still living in an environment like the one our ancestors had lived. Of course, I had developed our surrounding but our thinking is left behind in the ICE AGE. The teachers praise the students who can memorize and write them down without stopping.  They do not give a place for the students who want to think and hate the process of memorizing. What an Education System is for where students are not allowed to think? I don’t think great scientists proved their theories and changed the world through memorizing. They just try to think and then thinking took them to a long journey. At the end of this journey, they found their answer. That answer has so much power that it can even change the world. That answer can be found through thinking, not just memorizing everything.  The happiness of being praised by the teachers makes a student so blind that he cannot even see the trap of the process of memorizing. To be freed from this trap, a student must first agree the fact that memorizing is not good for him. It means a student must change his perspectives towards his education. In fact, there will be no change in this bad Education System if only some of thousands of students have such good perspectives. So, we must unite to change this Education System. When everyone realizes that our Education System needs to be changed, then our country will be really developed. If our Education System remains the same, then our country will be ignored by other countries in every aspect where people have to think.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Change we need: Education System.      

                                                                                                                        Shared by Sam.


Actually I was an idiot. But I'm not an idiot now because I tried very hard to save myself. I've promised myself I won't be an idiot once again. Well now let me share my life-experience. When I was 5, I was forced to learn things by heart. In fact, my childhood wasn't colorful. My teachers always compelled me to try to memorize things and write non-stopping. There was little time for me to play and little time for me to rest. I was their tool for their fame. I felt compelled to compete with my classmates. They always told me to stand first and made me to crave for the first prize. To be honest, I didn't want the prize. I just wanted to play and take a rest. I just wanted to make myself free.  I just wanted, in fact, to live my childish life.

When I was a Grade 10 student, something surprising happened. I stood first in my school! I had never expected it before. Everybody praised me and I received credit from my teacher. I was really surprised and glad then. Every time I took a test I stood first. Because of my successive impressing performance in the test, I became eminent. Holding voracious greed for Roll 1, I abused my brain with memorizing lessons and even Math because most of the subjects just required good memory-power. Actually we students here have to learn even science subjects by heart. Despite my impressive reputation for Roll 1, I was rather weak in Math and thinking. I wasn't able to think for my teachers, including my math teacher, always cajoled me into memorizing things, not thinking logically. Not wanting to fall to position 2, I was subservient to them. Whenever my smart friends asked me to try some brain-twisting math problems, I just repudiated it. When it became inevitable for me to solve, sweat streamed down my head and I gave up. They laughed at me, mocking my memorizing brain. I felt very ashamed of myself. I thought I didn't deserve position 1.

My life changed when I grew a year older. I was in Grade 11 what people here call" the important stage in life". I met a new biology teacher who was always badmouthing the low standard education system we were under. Unlike other teachers, he often told me the truth that memorizing is not good. "Memorizing every lesson is just wasting our brain resources. We should let our brain work, thinking logically and making correct decisions." He said it right. Memorizing doesn't make anything good, and never makes. It just restricts students' thinking skill. Since then, I've detested memorizing and still detest. My marks in tests dropped, but I didn't care. My teachers began talking about me. Knowing that I was inspired by my Bio teacher's words, that math pedagogue accosted me and said things about the benefits of memorizing. I wonder why he was my math teacher then. He doesn't deserve the word "teacher". Imagine it. He never let students think mathematically. I reckon he is that kind of idiot who doesn't really understand Math and who wants to earn a living through incorrectly teaching Math. I didn't care about my marks. I never wanted high marks. I'm not a slave who would learn Math, Physics and Bio by heart for scoring high marks. I never crave for Roll 1. What I actually want is to understand what I'm being taught and what I'm studying. 

 Now I've finished my matric exam. I'm preparing for SAT to attend my favorite university in USA. Yet, I'm still encountering those disgusting situations. Teachers have authorities to do anything they want. Students must obey them. Students must work for high scores, not for understanding.  Students must be slaves and those pedagogues must be masters. Don't raise too many questions about the subject. They won't answer. They just reply," I'm not teaching you theories. I'm just teaching you how to score high marks in SAT." So, I want to suggest you never go to such idiots. Do it yourself. Learn it yourself. Make it yourself.

Never stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason to exist.

                                                                                                                -  Albert  Einstein 

 By The Idiot For The Idiots.

                                                                                             Shared by Robert.


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Hey!I wanna say that it's not because of teachers but coz of the education system which forces the memorizing method.Teachers are not guilty for this fault,I'm sure.They are just followers of such an education system.But,I think it's not a very important problem for starters like primary students.Of course,they do need some thinking practices since then.But not many.Do you wanna mean they must think " Why does 2 follow 1,and what about 4?Why does it follow 3?"They still need memorizing power.I am telling you this because you said you had learn things by-heart since 5.Such children need.If they do not interest in memorizing like saying "1 and 2 and 3" at all and they only think "why 1, 2 and 3 but not 4",do you think they can learn higher education?NO,that's not a good idea.Imagine yourself you haven't learnt basic counting and calculations and just have done thinking. Do you think you'd be able to learn high Maths,without having learnt about calculation?I don't think so.

Nevertheless,I agree with you for Sec


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