You can get an email with as like a Google mail that is powered by Google. All of the features are the same with Gmail.

Step (1)
Firstly go to and register your account. After that they will send an activation mail to your primary gmail or email.
 Notice : when you signing up on there plz check on the " I want to get from" statement . this page is case sensitive .plz care to register there.

Step (2)

Secodly, Login to from your activation link .

Step (3)

You are now as a member of Now, you can  get email from this site as a powered by Google. Click to <br / E-mail

  that exit on the right side of this site.

and then you can login with and your password. Sometime 502 page errors may be show you coz this sever is busy on sometime .You can solve this error by refreshing or reloading this page.

It's finally here! Your very own e-mail address using Google's award-winning Gmail program! And best of all, it's for free and matches your username!

Remember, you must come to this page or click the "e-mail" link on the user bar to log into your e-mail account! Gmail

Finally you can use with!!! hope to you will enjoy with it..

with regards,
Ye Paing Phyo

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Thank you par Ko Ye'. I will try to register. Let me ask you i can't do it! :D
hi there!

ya, sis .You are welcome. Of course ,you can reply me , if you can't do it . Hope to you OK in it.

with regards,
Ye Paing Phyo
Thanks bro,
I tried and i got it! Thank you so..much.... :D
Thx I'll try


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