no wonder - now I understand why

Example 1

A: "Why is he so sad?"

B: "His wife just died."

A: "No wonder he's sad."

Example 2

A: "This lamp doesn't work."

B: "You didn't plug it in!"

A: "No wonder it doesn't work!"

get through - make contact with someone by phone

Example 1

John: "I tried to call you, but I couldn't get through."

Mary: "Sorry. I turned off my phone."

Example 2

Don't call the bank at lunchtime. They are so busy. It's difficult to get through.

Can I put you on hold? - Please wait. Ask this during a phone call. 

Example 1

A: "Can I speak to the manager?"

B: "Can I put you on hold for a minute? I'll see if he's here."

Example 2

A: "Hello, ABC Market? Do you have any fresh raspberries?"

B: "Can I put you on hold while I go and see if we have any left."

running short of timegetting close to a deadline

Example 1

"I have to work late tonight. I need to finish a project, and I'm running short of time.

Example 2

"I'd like to finish this meeting soon. Let's move on to the next point because we were running short of time."

that's K for Korea - Say this to help people understand the spelling of a word. 

Example 1

A: "What's your email address?"

B: "It's That's A for Africa, L for London, A for Africa, N for Norway, the number 76, at hotmail dot com."

Example 2

A: "My address is 22 Elm Street."

B: "Sorry, what street?"

A: "Elm. That's E for England, L for London, M for Mexico."

in an hour - one hour after now

NOT an hour later; NOT after an hour 

Example 1

"She hasn't arrived yet. She'll be here in 10 minutes."

Example 2

"He is almost finished with high school. He will graduate in a few months."

ahead of / on / behind schedule - faster than planned / as planned / slower than planned 

Example 1

"Please drive faster. We are behind schedule."

Example 2

A:"How's the project coming along?"

B: "Fine. Everything is on schedule."

tied up - busy doing something that you can't stop 

Example 1

A: "Can we meet today?"

B: "Sorry, I'll be tied up all day. How about tomorrow?"

Example 2

"I'm tied up now, but I'll be free in an hour."

From Say it Better in English

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thanks...I want to see your next good lessons

interesting a lot for me, thanks !

Thanks; Lessons are very interested!

Thanks for all your support and interest. I have added new discussion 3 just now. I will keep on trying my best to upload more. 


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