Expressing Preferences (ပို၍ နွစ္သက္မႈကို ေဖာ္ျပျခင္း) - You like something better than something else.


Thanks for reading.Welcome to this tutorial.


There are three differences to talk or ask about preferences here.

We often use words like prefer, would prefer, would rather to talk or ask about preferences.

"I prefer living on my own."
"Would you prefer to see a movie or go to a club?"
"Would you rather go shopping with me?"


Those expressions are quite different in meaning and this is why learners of English often find them challenging. So here is how we can separate them:

Difference in meaning:

We tend to use 'prefer' to talk generally about likes, dislikes, what we want.

“He prefers reading books.”
“I prefer going to the beach than going to a swimming pool.”

The expressions 'would prefer' and 'would rather', to be a little more specific. Would rather is equal to would prefer except the formula is different.

“I would prefer to see him in person. or I would prefer seeing him in person
“I would rather go home now.”

Difference in form:

Followed by a different verb form:

“I prefer living in a city.” (followed by the gerund; the '-ing' ending)
“I would prefer to be told the truth.” (followed by the infinitive; to+ the verb)
“Would you rather stay at a hotel?” (followed by the base form of the verb; the verb without 'to'.

Different prepositions to state the choice.

prefer, would prefer – go with 'to'
“I'd prefer living in a city to living in the country.”
“I would (I'd) prefer being alone to being with the wrong person”.

would rather – goes with 'than'
“I would (I'd) rather talk to him in person than call him on the phone.”




Q: Do you/they prefer rock music?

A: Yes, I/we/they do.

               No, I/we/they don’t.

Q: Does he/she prefer wearing sunglasses?

A: Yes, he/she does.

    No, he/she doesn’t.

Would prefer

Q: Would you/they/he/she prefer to stand?

A: Yes, I/they/he/she would.

    No, I/we/they/he/she wouldn’t.

Would rather

Q: Would you rather read?

A: Yes, I would.

    No, I wouldn’t. No, I would not.

    No, I would rather not. No, I’d rather not.


You can check your understanding as you match the questions below:

1)    She _________ apples to oranges.

  1. would rather have
  2. prefers
  3. prefer
  4. would prefers

2)    Would you _______ come over at 7pm?

  1. prefer
  2. rather
  3. prefers
  4. rathers

3)    I __________ take my car than wait for the bus.

  1. would rather
  2. would prefer
  3. prefer
  4. rathers

4)    They ________ eating lunch now to eating it later.

  1. would rather
  2. rather
  3. prefer
  4. would prefer

5)    Would you like milk or juice?

  1. I prefer to having milk.
  2. I would rather drinking juice.
  3. I would rather drink milk.
  4. I would prefer drink juice.

Thanks for taking this English quiz!  Please kindly find out the attached file for answers.






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i am still a little confuse ( would rather and would prefer) . coz my brain is not good.


Hi Nang Chit Su,

   အမ ရွင္းတာမေကာင္းလို့ နားမလည္ေစတာပါ။brain နဲ႕မဆိုင္ပါဘူး။ :)

   Let me help u understand.

   would rather နဲ႕   would prefer က အတူတူပဲ။ သူတို႔ေနာက္မွာလိုက္တဲ့ Verb Form  ေတြမတူၾကဘူး။

  •    would prefer + to V1 or would prefer + Ving
  •    would rather +V1


  eg. I would prefer to read books. or I would prefer reading books.

        I would rather listen to music.

  အဲဒါကို confused ျဖစ္ေနတာလား။ နားမလည္ရင္ ျပန္ေျပာေနာ္.

Thanks for your feedback.





အား.....ခုရျပီ မ. ေက်းဇူးေနာ္ တကယ္ပါ မရႈပ္ေတာ႔ဘူး လက္ေတြ႔သံုးၾကည္႔မယ္ ျပန္ရွင္းျပေပးတာ သိပ္ကိုေက်းဇူးတင္တယ္မ...

ခုတကယ္ရွင္းသြားပါျပီ ခုနက တကယ္ကိုရႈပ္ေနခဲ႔တာပါ ေသခ်ာစဥ္းစားလဲမရဘူး သူမ်ားကိုေမးၾကည္႔ေသးတယ္ သူတို႔ရွင္းတာလဲ မရွင္းမလင္းျဖစ္ေနခဲ႔တာေလ ...ေက်းဇူးအထူးတင္ပါတယ္ မမ

You are truly welcome. :)


one question (no. 4) wrong. do you supposed i am understand?

thanks for your lesson and looking forward new lesson.


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