To take meditation, the first thing you should know is that it can give you real benefits and to do it until you find it out something new in it. Young people usually think taking meditation is a too religious matter and they are too young to do it. But in fact, it is not such a religious matter. When you see a person who meditates so frequently, you should not think dogmatically that he or she would behave according to particular religious rules of conduct. The effects of meditation also depends on your preparations, your preconceived ideas and also your instinct. The amount of effect also depends on how long and how often you practise on a daily basis. Taking only a few minutes will not give you apparent benefits just in a few weeks' time.

Why should we take meditation? Most of our everyday problems occur because we cannot control our mind. Wandering mind has less power of making right decisions, which means you could have done more mistakes, carrying more regrets for you. More regrets in turn make your mind become more restless and unstable. When you have to tackle a problem, you need to give sufficient time to your thinking process to have sound judgement for the right reaction to it. Sufficient time does not mean you have to spend thinking the whole day or even for hours. It also does not mean you have to be a philosopher. It demands just a few minutes to calm down your mind and to direct the whole energy of your mind only on a particular issue. When you have ability to do so, you will have more chances of acquiring enlightenment with the right, beneficial solutions to your concerned problem. The problem may vary to individuals , although there would be no problem-free person. Perhaps you would have some indecision whether you should watch movies tonight without study or whether you should meet with some persons, or whether you should expand your business. When you can harness your desires, feelings and thoughts to some extent, you would have less problems than ever. You would be able to react sensibly to any distracted thoughts. We sometimes keep thinking or doing something despite our conscience disgusting its harmful outcome.

Ability to stay calm in any difficulties is one of the most rewarding personality assets and it can be acquired by those who can control their mind well. Meditation, therefore, is a kind of mental exercise, making your mind more powerful, more resistant to problems
and difficulties, and more acute. It is important to have an appropriate attitude on meditation before you start practising. Do not assume yourself a supernatural person  just after meditating a few minutes. Closing your eyes and sitting down still silently often invite hallucinations, thinking you see or hear something that is not real. What you need to give special emphasis is only on the natural, logical process. Forget all about supernatural power and events that you would usually have heard in your daily conversations. Meditation is nothing more than taking any physical exercises that you would work out in a gym. Just as these exercises strengthen your body,meditation will also enhance the quality and power of your mind. Be sure to form right attitudes on meditation naturally, logically, and even practically.

Let's start taking meditation. Find a quiet place with no disturbance for your work and it can be anywhere. You do not need to be before the altar or any holy places. It only has to be not so noisy and full of some other activities that will surely distract your meditation process. Then sitting cross-legged but without pressing your legs each other,
with your left-hand on your lap, and your right-hand on the palm of your left-hand, both hands touching gently, straighten your back but without any strains. Close your eyes gently and comfortably and direct your mind on your breathing process. When you are breathing in, just pay careful attention to your action of breathing in, and the same attention with when you are breathing out. Be careful to lay a soft, thick blanket or sheet on the floor before you sit down and start meditating so that you can sit longer without aching. And also take notice of all your actions to be in a very natural and relaxed way. That is all you need to do.  Investing a few minutes of each of your day will give you immeasurable enhancement of your mind.

Thanks a lot for reading.

With a lot of love,

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Dear Bro Okkar,

Thank you so much for sharing and your time. This is an invaluable subject.


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