Today’s Idiomatic Expression:

“none of (one’s) business”

Meaning: if something is none of your business, it is not relevant to you, it shouldn't matter to you, it is not your concern; if something is none of your business, you don’t need to know about it or worry about it; *sometimes it is considered slightly rude and aggressive to tell someone directly that something is none of their business; *‘business’ in this idiom refers to someone’s affairs, actions, beliefs, etc.:

-“I know that you don’t approve of Miranda’s decision to get back together with John, but it is none of your business.”

-“It is none of my business what my students do when they are not at school.”

-A: “I can’t believe that he is dating three different women.” B: “It is none of your business!”

-“You might not approve of how they are raising their children, but it is none of your business! Their children appear to be healthy.”

-“I don’t think that she should spend all of her savings on a new car. If I were her, I would buy a reliable used car and save some money for the future. That being said, I would never tell her that because it is none of my business.”

-“I asked Professor Trouthead if I got a better grade on the essay than Mary did. He told me to worry about my own grade, that Mary’s grade was none of my business.”

-A: “What are you guys talking about? B: “It’s none of your business!”

-“He told me that it was none of my business when I asked him why he has been arriving late for work recently. I am worried about him. He has been acting weird lately.”

-“I know that it is none of my business, but can I ask you how many tattoos you have?”

-“They have only known each other for six months, but it is none of our business if they want to get married.”

-“Her sexual preferences are none of your business!”

*Can you write an example sentence?

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