IELTS Test Audio and E.Book တစ္ခ်ဳိ႕ကိုမွ်ေဝေပးလိုက္ပါတယ္

IELTS- dictionary cambridge english grammar - check your vocabulary...

  1. IELTS Test  -1
  2. IELTS Test - 2
  3. IELTS Test  -3
  4. IELTS Test - 4
  5. IELTS Test  -5
  6. IELTS Test  -6
  7. IELTS Test  -7

New Uploaded:

Cambridge- IELTS Ebook and Audio Full

Cambridge IELTS Full 1-8 .rar


Download Torrent: cambridge-ielts-full-1-8.rar   Canbridge IELTS Ebook and Audio 1-8 [ DOWNLOAD TORRENT ]


Instruction to use the above "IELTS Computer Based Ielts Listening and Reading"  :
(1) For IELTS Listerning, you need to install the 'CB.Ielts.Listening.exe ' file, and enter the ' Registration Key ' given. (Please try to answer the question after listening.)

(2) For IELTS Reading, you need to extract the 'CB.Ielts.Reading.swf & readdata.xml' from WinRar, and save them in a new folder.After that, Press Right Click on "CB.Ielts.Reading.swf" and go to open with Mozilla.


Sources: Knowledge Lab

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for further e-book resources, go to this online library  You can dwnload ebooks for free.......


Dear Naung Taw,

I'm interesting ur online Share but the above IELTS  Test Audio and E. Book could not be downloaded easily.

I would like to know which shop can these get ?

Please ,  answer me

Dear Kyaw Thu Win.

I'd like to know where you are staying now. If you live in Ygn, you can buy IELTS  Test- Audio and Books at any book stores, such as ရာျပည့္၊ သာလြန္၊ စာေပေလာက etc.

thank you so much. pls upload more. Thanks.

Thanks A Lot!

Thanks for your IELTS Test Audio and E Books

thank for your help

Thank you so much..

it's give me of great help..

Thaks so much!!! U r so kind!


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