In many countries school have several problems with student behaviour. What do you think are the causes of this? What solution can you suggest?

 Nowadays, the school teachers and University lecturers are complaining about student behaviours. The most common behavioural problems are poor self control, disobedience and less respect. In my view, the causes of these problems are due to poor parental control and environmental influences.

In modern society, people take only one child or two because they are getting married late and some of them cannot give time to deliver and bring up many children. These children, therefore, become precious for their family and they are getting all the favours. In most of the families, both parents are working and they don’t have enough time to give guidance and control over the behaviour and socialization of their children. As a consequence, the children are not ready to obey their teachers and school disciplines when they become school age. These overindulgent children are reluctant to take responsibilities and poor in co-operation among friends.

Some of the environmental influences are leading the young children to learn negative attitude and misbehave. They may learn and imitate impolite behaviours among their own family members, and uncivilised characters from the people around them. Furthermore, the children tend to learn the violent and aggressive actions from the movies and television programs. One more additional factor is the current lifestyle of the children that is occupying much of their time with playing game and using internet. This situation leads them to be lack of interest in social and moral activities.

Since the young children are invaluable human resources for the future society, we need to take serious consideration about nurturing their mind and manners. To combat this situation, parental seminars or classes should be conducted periodically. Establishing high quality nursery schools will be helpful to develop the future generation.

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