My hobby is reading. I am in the B.Sc.(Zool)Q(Credit). I am myanmar native. I live in yangon township in Insein. I have read some of them again and again. Reading has become a habit. Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man. Reading is thicking with some one else's head instead of one's own.
Writing is like religion. Every man who feels the call must work out his own salvation. I usually read Myanmar novels, short stories. They are interesting and enjoy able. Magazine, Article, Play and Journal. The characters are flesh and blood. They are just like you or me pr anybody else. They love and theyhate; they laugh and they weep; they dream and they scheme; they live and they die. Novels and short stories give both knowledge and pleasure. I also read books written in simple English. They are mostly from the refold series. I understand them well. They hep me improve my English. I also read myanmar poem in magazines. I like all of them. I have a home library. I am working now. I am in the Computer Operator. I have inherited a lot of books from my boss. We have also very good dictionaries. I love books. They are our friends. They are our companions. They are ourguides. They are our guards. They are our refuge.
There are two kinds of reading. One is study. Rewading such as reading books on various subjects. The other is pleasure reading such as reading novels and short shories. We read them rapidly. Both kinds of reading are beneficial to us. A good book is the best of friens, the same today and forever. Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed, and digest.
I writting post myweb page and You can advice for me. I am waiting for your's comment. ok. Thank for you. I need cordial friendship for you evertime.
All Friend " Always read and think aloud....."

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It is really kind of you.


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