Can I get higher band scores with "self-study" alone in IELTS?
I, however, have attended some preparatory courses.
Let me know some secrets (don't mean tips which are already claimed by many books) about success in this exam!

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Hi Ma  Su Sandi,

Could you send me the strategies for IELTS(pdf file)?Let me try!Thanks.My gmail account is



Could you pls share this pdf file to it will be so appreciative . Thanks

Hi . Pls send me strategies for IELTS (pdf file) .My Email is .Thanks .
Hi friend,
i would like to have the strategies for IELTS (pdf file). pls send me it.
My email is
Many thanks.
Hi there fri, if so, why don't you send me one copy via mail?
my gmail is...
Million Thanks!
I invite you
Thank you very much for your kind help with IELTS pdf file for every one.
Please sent this IELTS file to me.My email address as follow;

Nan Da
Hi...i would like to get the strategies for IELTS (pdf file). Thank you so much .

email address:
Hi sis, I want to get that file. Kindly send me to

Hello Ma Su Sandi,

Could you send me please this pdf file.I believe it must be useful for me.I'm also eager to

learn English Language.Here is my E-mail: ''"

Thank u so much

you can share with us sis

Thank you :)


if possible then plz share me at

thx u so so much sis


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