Can I get higher band scores with "self-study" alone in IELTS?
I, however, have attended some preparatory courses.
Let me know some secrets (don't mean tips which are already claimed by many books) about success in this exam!

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Let me share some information which I received from forward mail. Hope this can help you.

“First and foremost, I would like to say that it is an easy exam, if you keep it easy and simple. You don’t have to study much, as this exam is all about how fluent you are and how well you understand English.

For the listening part I used to listen to podcasts from the British Council Learn English websites. There are hundreds of podcasts there. I used to listen daily to 10 – 15 podcasts. It is easy to download them to your iPod or mp3 player, or to just listen on a PC or a laptop. Also CNN and BBC have some useful podcasts and you can listen to them as well. I saw a lot of English movies, too.

For the speaking part as I was in the UK for about 6 months before my exam, I used to speak daily with my family. Also I used to speak on usual topics like my favorite program, my favorite movie, a book, any hobby, any work I like to do, any holidays I spent, these usual topics I used to speak on daily for about 15 to 20 minutes.

For writing, which I considered the most difficult, I used different websites and practiced in writing task 1 to see how many words can I write in 20 minutes, trying to make it 150 or 200, not too lengthy or too short.

For writing task 2 because we don’t know what topic will be given, I used to read different articles on topics such as MEDIA, COMMUNICATION, TELEVISION, FILMS, CAPITAL PUNISHMENT, CHILDREN AND FAMILY. It’s good to get a whole list of topics that appeared in previous exams and read articles or essays on those topics, and then it is easy to write 250 words – because you will have enough knowledge by then.

For reading again I used the British Council Learn English reading modules step by step guide, and also practiced Cambridge IELTS 1 to 6 series books. I read newspapers and Readers Digest whenever I had time.

I did all this in 15 days only and I have passed with Band 8 :)
And last but not the least – website really helped me throughout that period.

Thank you!
But, he/she might have strong basic skills already or may be genius.
If you want to know the strategies for IELTS, let me know. I have one pdf file which is very useful for IELTS learners.
Pls kindly let me know the secret of getting high score in IELTs.
hi Su Sandi, could you please send the strategies for IELTS (pdf) file. Thank you very much.
I will send you the pdf file by mail. So, could you all please let me know your email address? If I upload here, I am afraid that it might relate with copyright infringement or something else.

Thanks you so much, friend. My email address is
sent !
Hi Friend,

Could you please send me the strategies for IELTS (pdf) file??

My email is

Many thanks in advance.
Ma Su Sandi! Can you send me this pdf file? My email address is Thank you.

ံHi Su Sandi, could you please help me to send pdf file?Thanks

Dear MaThetNweAung,

How are you? I am ZarNi and I am also planning to take an IELTS exam. Would you mind forwarding me the strategies for IELTS(pdf) file from MaSuSandi? I have already requested to her but still hasn't got a reply yet. I am just worried that she might be on a trip or not checking emails very often?

My email address is Many Thanks in advance.




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