Can I get higher band scores with "self-study" alone in IELTS?
I, however, have attended some preparatory courses.
Let me know some secrets (don't mean tips which are already claimed by many books) about success in this exam!

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welcome :-)
Hello,Ma San Di!
could you please send the strategies for IELTS (pdf) file.?
My email is

can you send this pdf file to me? my email is

Thank you.

Hi Su Sandi,


            Could you please send me the strategies for IELTS (pdf file)?

            My address is



Thanks in advance,


hello ma su sandi


Please , could you send me the  strategies for IELTS ( pdf file ) . My email address is

I'm looking  forward to your email .


Thank you !

which websites did the writer want to mention when she talked about practicing Writing task 1 ? Mind describing detailed information?

Hello Sandi

Could you send please the stratigies for IELTS PDF file?

Thank you very much. My mail is

How good

I like u

u r great.Will u sent me too?

You should read many books.I'm also self study too! Don't give up! There's no short cut for IELTS. You'll have to read all kind of books and take useful notes & listen English songs .Thatll be useful for you!

Your new friend,
I agree with that. We need to know almost everything happening in the world. We have to be update!
Hi sister!
I would like to be friends with u . Could u know English website or other ways to improve my listening skill ? Ples write to my address if u know .
I appreciate ur advice if u can reply to me and im looking forward good news .

Best Regards,
Chan Yi


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