I m not native to english. Eng is not though not very new for me since we have been in touch with english from childhood. So I can speak or write. I dont think that my eng is very bad.  But there is a problem in my english. I know the words. I know the meanings. I think I know. But I cant use them. I dont know how to use them. When I speak or write, I dont remember the words. I dont know why. And my confidence on engish is so low. 

  So, if someone know the way to remember the words during speaking and writing, plz advice me. Thank you.

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Good Afternoon, Friend
I am not a professional one, but just normal.
I would like to advise you to watch and learn from the English spoken movies and try to repeat after these. This is the only way to learn with absolutely no cost, and it can be helpful where the learning courses and training ones are not available to find.
From the English spoken movies, we can learn their pronunciation and also the art of speaking, also we can get various kinds of knowledge.
You may laugh at my advice but you cannot deny that English spoken Cartoon movies are better than those of action movies. There are so many informal usages and so many idioms in those of action movies. You should try the formal way first then you can take the shortcut to those.
No cost, but there are so many things you can learn.
And one more point is that you should review the grammar patterns and exercises which we learned at the basic school. They are very useful indeed to create a sentence. Then you can shift formal sentence creating to spoken steps.
It will be great satisfactory if my words are helpful in your studies.
Unless, sorry for your precious time on my words.

Good morning friend, 

Thank you so much for giving your precious time.

I won't laugh at your advice. It is absolutely true that English cartoon movies are better than action movie. I am one of the great fun of Walt Disney. I'll try to do as you advice. 

I am sorry if you mind my words. That is due to my weak english.

Welcome Friend, Thanks

I think that is normal. I also had such experience a few years ago, specifically just after I graduated. But, my speaking became better when I had to work immediately with a native speaker in my work and speaking became part of my job. Speaking is the main challenge for everyone who were not grown up in an English Speaking country. As English is not our mother tongue, it is least possible to become fluent as a native speaker. But, no one can deny that practice will make you more and more proficient in English. The more you speak, the more quicker your brain will process the words. So, please don't worry to make mistakes when you speak. Even the native speakers can make grammar mistakes sometimes. Start speaking as much as you can. You will gradually notice your improvement. Cheers!


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