Think Smart: Developing IELTS (and other) student’s thinking skills
(Workshop for English Language Teachers)

Speaker : Sue O’Connell
Date : Monday 4 February 2013
Time : 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Venue : Self-Access Centre, British Council Library
Reservation : Register at library registration desk on arrival. Places available on first-come, first-served basis. Must be a teacher.

Are your students short of ideas?  Do they struggle to come up with arguments and examples for essay topics? If so, they are probably used to taking a more passive role in education than is appropriate at advanced levels. In this workshop you will learn how developing your students’ thinking skills can be a key factor in preparing for a challenging exam like IELTS, as well as laying the foundation for academic life beyond.

We will identify some basic guidelines for effective learning, drawing on recent work in the field of thinking skills, and also sample a few simple, fun practical techniques, which can help wean students away from old habits and introduce new ways of thinking and working.

The session is relevant to IELTS tutors or any other teachers interested in helping their students think more fluently and flexibly.

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That's a great workshop for the teachers.

Really fascinating. Thinking skill is one of the components the teachers should emphasize.

really fascinating

Thanks for the invitation.
Thanks for the announcement. Great news
Thanks for invitation to workshop session.


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