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The reliance on email for business communication has meant that the business telephone conversation is playing a less important role in contemporary office life. However, when a customer wants an answer or a client wants clarification, then often they will rely on the direct call. Like most aspects of business English, it pays to learn a few key phrases that you can use for every call.

You should learn a standard address with an appropriate greeting:-good morning, good afternoon not Hi or Hello.), the company name and your own name. Often people only use their own name, but this is frustrating for a caller who wishes to talk to a company representative, and not an individual person. If you wish the caller to wait, then you can ask them to Hold the line, please, but not Wait, please which is too direct. Always make it clear to the caller what you are about to do. For example if you are going to connect them, then use the standard I’ll just put you through. If you have put a caller on hold, you should always go back to them every minute or two with the following I’m afraid the line’s still busy. Do you still want to wait? If the receiving person is busy then you can use, I’m afraid, she’s in a meeting/she’s not in the office today/she’s not at her desk at the moment.

Always offer to take a message, Can I take a message? or Would you like to leave a message? Always check the information by repeating it back to the caller, Can I read that back to you? This is crucial if names, numbers or addresses are involved. If you don’t hear particular parts clearly then use phrases such as Did you say…..? or Was that……?

Finally, confirm what action you are going to take I’ll make sure he gets your message or I’ll get her to call you back later. Always end the call politely, Thank you for calling, goodbye.

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Comment by May The Aung on August 26, 2011 at 14:15
thank you

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