CALL FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) – TRANSLATION of CORE Human Rights Conventions and Optional Protocols   Purpose: The purpose of this call for EOI is to identify an appropriate service provider …


Human Rights Conventions and Optional Protocols


Purpose: The purpose of this call for EOI is to identify an appropriate service provider who can check and edit previously translated Myanmar versions of the nine core International Human Rights Conventions (CRC, ICESCR, CEDAW, CAT, ICCPR, ICMW, ICERD, CPED, CRPD), and the related Optional Protocols, against the original English versions according to the terms of reference stated as below.



Terms of reference




Service Provider (company, organization or individual(s)) to review and ensure the quality of the previously translated Myanmar versions of the nine core International Human Rights Conventions and the related Optional Protocols


Remote-based, possibly with occasional meetings in Yangon / Naypyitaw or per skype if needed.


30 days, to be completed in a maximum of 45 days


Senior Legal Adviser of the Denmark-Myanmar Programme on Rule of Law & Human Rights





The Denmark-Myanmar Programme on Rule of Law and Human Rights (2016-2020) supports the Union Attorney General’s Office, the Office of the Supreme Court of the Union, lawyers, CSOs as well as the law departments of Dagon and East Yangon Universities in strengthening capacities on core aspects of rule of law and human rights and supporting reform in relevant areas. The programme, which has a total grant of DKK 70 million (approximately USD 10 million), is based on participatory approaches supporting partners to identify their own needs and priorities and to take the lead in implementation of activities.


The governance of the programme is based on joint decision-making with partners through co-chaired Steering Committees. The programme is part of the Denmark-Myanmar Country Programme (2016-2020), endorsed by a bilateral government-to-government agreement between Myanmar and Denmark as well as MoUs with all key stakeholders.  A Joint Venture comprised of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) and the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) has been contracted to provide technical assistance to the programme through a team of experts supporting implementation.


Previously, the Joint Venture procured translations of the Conventions and Optional Protocols and now seeks an appropriate service provider to review and edit these draft translations in order to ensure the quality of the draft Myanmar versions and to check the translations against the original English version. The original version can be seen at this link   The service provider needs to ensure that the translation of terms is consistent throughout all the documents in addition to ensuring consistency in formatting and layout in a professional way, ready for the Joint Venture to send to the printer.


According to procurement guidelines, the service provider will be contracted by the ICJ-DIHR Joint Venture.



Scope of Work


Review and edit for purposes of ensuring the quality of the draft Myanmar versions of the nine core International Human Rights Conventions and the related Optional Protocols against the original English language versions.


The Service Provider will be responsible for determining and justifying the choice of words – this is particularly relevant for concepts and principles which do not have direct translations in the Myanmar language.  The final document should contain footnotes/comments explaining the meaning of contentious terms and the rationale for choosing one over the other.



Main Tasks and Responsibilities of the Service Provider


  • Do own research/desk research for collecting supporting various translations and reviewing the existing translation of the nine core conventions and their optional protocols;
  • Review the existing translations of the nine core conventions and their optional protocols;
  • Review and ensure the quality of the translated Myanmar versions of the nine core conventions and protocols;
  • Conduct if need be maximum of 3 focus-groups discussions with relevant stakeholders to verify the selection of words and to ensure that the most suitable terms have been used;
  • Communicate with the Supervisor, or their designated delegate, and other relevant partners/associates, as and when necessary, to inform the JV team about the status or any difficulties that have come up, as appropriate;
  • Solve issues/problems related to translation works – typing, formatting, proofreading, sending the work, taking into considerations of available resources and materials and support provided by the JV team, where necessary;
  • Send a progress report every two weeks to the JV team, with the progress report to include documentation of the progress on various conventions and optional protocols, the number of hours worked, and the availability of key personnel. Translations in progress must be made available for inspection by the JV to verify reports.  Face to face meetings may be held in lieu of bi-weekly reports, if agreed by both the service provider and the JV;
  • Ensure accuracy of the terms, terminology and spelling and grammar used in all parts/chapters and in the final translation;
  • Incorporate suggested changes to the translation after review by the JV team and re-submit the edits;
  • Complete the work within the agreed tight timeline.


Proposed Methodology


The Service Provider should review all translations for quality control, and ensure coherence in the translation. For all contentious or difficult terms and concepts, the Service Provider should make a list of all such words and terms and explain in footnotes/comments for the choice of words. The glossary should be in English and Myanmar arranged alphabetically. In the text of a Convention or Protocol, a foot note ought to be entered referring to the glossary.


The Service Provider will need to review and edit, when and as necessary, taking care with the usage of terms and terminology in different translations to avoid inconsistencies.


For several English words that do not have a precise translation into Myanmar language, the Service Provider is expected to develop explanatory footnotes and a glossary of contentious terms explaining the choice of words and how they relate to the explanations given by the Treaty Bodies in the General Comments/Recommendations.


The Service Provider should hold if needed different focus-groups discussions (at least three) to consult with lawyers, human rights specialists, and other professionals working with human rights and the rule of law, in order to arrive at a consensus on the accurate translation of complex legal terminologies.


The Service Provider is expected to submit review of the Myanmar translations on a rolling basis to the JV, one convention and one protocol at a time, as and when ready, to speed up the review process.


The Service Provider will hold if need be the focus group meetings in Yangon and/or Naypyitaw, or via skype as needed.





Soft copy of the reviewed and edited Myanmar language translations of the nine core International Human Rights Conventions and the related Optional Protocols in one Word document with both Zawgyi and Myanmar 3 fonts), which is quality ensured. Professional layout ready for publication and printing is required. The review includes proofreading for typos, spelling mistakes, grammatical structure and sentencing.


Payments will be made in stages and upon verification of the achievement of specific milestones in the finalization of the translations.  These terms will be specified in the contract.



Expected Timeframe and Resource Inputs


The Service Provider should start during the month of July 2018.


The combined length of the Conventions and Protocols in English version is 333 pages.


Based on standard output of reviewing translated pages per day, plus additional days to hold focus group discussions, if necessary, the total effort is estimated at 30 full-time work days.


The translation is to be completed within 30 days (a preferred timeline, whereas the maximum allowed timeline is one and a half months, that is 45 days).


Key Requirements for the Service Provider

The Service Provider must be able to field one or more personnel with the following skills and experience:

  • Experience in translating legal documents from English into Myanmar.
  • Demonstrated advanced understanding of technical terms and terminology used in human rights and rule of law in both English and Myanmar.
  • Knowledge of Myanmar justice sector and ability to consult with relevant stakeholders.

Only Service Providers with native tongue Myanmar proficiency will be considered (individuals, organisations, and companies are all acceptable).


Preferably the Service Provider is to consist of a team of at least two people; Myanmar nationals with high legal proficiency in Myanmar and English are preferred.


Submission Process

Service Providers that meet the criteria should submit an expression of interest, which includes the following:

  • Cover letter including the Service Provider’s ’s suitability for the assignment, and current contact information;
  • CV(s) of proposed personnel;
  • Examples of previous translations from English into Myanmar;
  • A translation of a text provided by the JV;
  • Expected rates and work plan for 30 work days spread over 45 days. including total days to review of existing translations, create a glossary of terms in English and Myanmar;
  • Travel or communication expenses to be incurred for the project, including number of persons traveling, number of days needed, and travel origin and destination. This section could if need include 1 trip to Naypyitaw for a focus group discussion, as well as any local transportation needed for participants to travel to focus group discussions (with the prior approval of the Joint Venture), if applicable. Costs are reimbursed only against receipt.
  • Estimated timeline to submit some parts/chapters before final submission and final completion date.
  • Deadline to submit the expression of interest is 24 July, 2018.


An applicant service provider may request to view the draft translations which are to be edited and finalized.


For any further information, please contact April Pwint,


Applications with required the required attachments, should be emailed to Ei Yin Yin Phyu,





The Joint Venture reserves the right to change or cancel these requirements at any time during the EOI and/or solicitation process.


Copyright of all translations rests with the Embassy of Denmark.





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