Annex (1) Terms of reference   Purpose: A Communications Consultant with graphic design and illustration skills is required to develop and produce communication materials to increase awareness and …


Annex (1) Terms of reference


Purpose: A Communications Consultant with graphic design and illustration skills is required to develop and produce communication materials to increase awareness and provide information  on ‘strategic litigation and human rights’. 



Communications consultant (company, organization or individual) to develop visual materials such as brochures and posters.

Project Location:



20  working days


Senior Legal Expert of the Denmark-Myanmar Programme on Rule of Law & Human Rights


Application date:

7 June 2019


 1) Introduction


The Denmark-Myanmar Programme on Rule of Law and Human Rights (2016-2020) supports the Union Attorney General’s Office (UAGO), the Office of the Supreme Court of the Union (OSCU), lawyers, CSOs as well as the law departments of Dagon and East Yangon Universities in strengthening capacities on core aspects of rule of law and human rights and supporting reform in relevant areas. The programme, which has a total grant of DKK 70 million (approximately USD 10 million), is based on participatory approaches supporting partners to identify their own needs and priorities, and take a lead in the implementation of activities.


The governance of the programme is based on joint decision-making with partners through co-chaired Steering Committees. The programme is part of the Denmark-Myanmar Country Programme (2016-2020) endorsed by a bilateral government-to-government agreement between Myanmar and Denmark as well as MoUs with all key stakeholders. A Joint Venture comprised of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) and the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) has been contracted to provide technical assistance to the programme through a team of experts supporting implementation.


2) Scope of work


The Denmark-Myanmar Programme (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Programme team’) works to build CSOs capacity to understand national laws and international human rights standards which are relevant and applicable in the country, in order to strengthen their human rights advocacy work at the national and international level. Our work has a primary focus on business and human rights issues with particular concentration on the three Special Economic Zones in the country.


As part  of this work, the Programme team expects to design and develop appropriate communication materials (see below for output specifications) in order to promote awareness and provide key information with regards to strategic litigation, which will inform our key target audience of lawyers, CSOs and communities. The Programme team seeks an experienced and dynamic illustrator/designer to work with our team in designing and producing illustrations, brochures, and posters to increase awareness and knowledge of strategic litigation as an approach to protect and promote human rights.


These materials will be publicized in Myanmar language and in English, to be disseminated widely to stakeholders.


3) Objective


The objective of this consultancy is to design and produce simple and effective communications materials to inform stakholders of the benefits of strategic ligitation and to encourage stakeholders to apply it as a tool in promoting and protecting human rights and rule of law.  The Programme team will provide all technical content and text with the consultancy limited to producing accompanying illustrations and designing the brochures and posters.


4) Deliverables


The following deliverables will be produced:


  • To prepare a brief Inception Report that will capture the work and timing to be undertaken following an initial discussion with the Programme team.
  • To collaboratively work with the Programme team to design and produce 3 brochures (A4 size), 3 posters (B2 size), which would include approximately 10 graphic illustrations. Draft versions will be provided which will then be revised based on feedback from the Programme team. A final version of the materials will be submitted, in both hard copy and soft copy.The brochures and posters produced are intended to be circulated amongst Myanmar lawyers, members of civil society, and community level activists.
  • The consultant will work closely with and rely on the Programme team for technical support and all written content for the brochures and posters.


 5) Proposed methodology


The service provider will:


  • Have preliminary discussions with Programme team in Yangon.
  • Consult with the Programme team and recommend particular styles and approaches to develop the communications materials.
  • Will prepare a brief inception report.
  • Will be able to adapt the design of the materials based on the specific needs of different stakeholders.
  • Develop the design and consult with the Programme team.
  • Provide first draft of these approaches/materials to the Programme team and incorporate any comments and feedback.


6) Expected timeframes and resource inputs


The resource inputs are estimated at 20 working days, with expected breakdown as follows:




Meeting with Programme team to discuss the assignment and approach to developing the communication materials.  


1 day

Prepare a brief inception report that documents the work to be done and associated time frames.

1 day

Design and produce 3 brochures and 3 posters based on text provided by the Programme Team. A draft of the materials will be provided within 30 days of contract signature.



14 days

Incorporate feedback and provide a revised version within 7 days of receiving feedback.



3 days

Submit final version of materials in hard and electronic version as well as a brief completion report

1 day



20 days


 7) Key Requirements for the Service Provider


The service provider must be able to demonstrate personnel with the following profile:


  • Proven experience developing and producing high-quality visual communciations material such as brochures, posters, and illustrations for civil society focused purposes.
  • Strong background in communciations, graphic design, and illustration (marketing skills are also desirable).
  • Knowledge using design software such as Adobe Design, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop is vital.
  • Able to work strategically, manage and deliver projects according to timelines
  • Able to work collaboratively to incorporate ideas from a diverse group of stakeholders
  • Excellent written skills in English and Myanmar.
  • Has a demonstrated track record in producing clear, well-thought out, and appealing designs and illustrations that contain consise messaging for specific audiences within Myanmar.
  • Familiarity with producing a variety of different types of communications materials, ranging from brochures, pamplets and posters.
  • Experience in publications of communication or promotional materials in the human rights fields is desirable.
  • Familiarity with the context of rule of law and human rights in Myanmar is


Applicants should ideally be Myanmar based. Applicants need to provide the resume of the lead applicant, sample communication materials previously developed and a financial bid that includes daily rates and any other expected expenses. Applications will be evaluated both on technical and financial grounds.


Both individual and group applicants are welcome to apply.


Applications conforming to these requirements should be sent to April Pwint by 7 June 2019 at the following address:  Applications will be considered on a rolling basis so applicants are encouraged to submit applications as early as possible.

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