Call for Field Local Consultants : LLM Capacity Building of FPE Association to Implement Capital-Sharing Mechanism of FPEs


                                                 Field Local Consultants (3 Laputta-based Positions)

         LLM Capacity Building of FPE Association to Implement Capital-Sharing Mechanism of FPEs

                                                                        MC – YP –  RFQ – 006 / 19


Mercy Corps is looking for three local consultants to deliver capacity building to the Association of Farmer Producer Enterprise (FPE) in implementing Capital Sharing Mechanism within 47 FPEs – member of the Association in Laputta Township, Ayeyarwaddy Region. Three local consultants are required to work hand in hand with the Association Committees and Mercy Corps and partner team members.


1) Background of the project

Mercy Corps, in partnership with Swisscontact (SC) and Ar Yone Oo Social Development Association (AYO), is implementing the Linking Laputta to Markets (LLM): Increasing Incomes through Agriculture, Skills, and Employment project in Laputta Township. 1 A Market System Development (MSD) approach is at the forefront of the LLM project design. LLM facilitates linkages to higher value rice and employment markets locally, regionally, and nationally for 3,950 smallholder rice farmers and 1,575 landless and vulnerable women and men across 40 village tracts and 384 villages. The project ensures that considerations for gender, nutrition, and resilience are prioritized and integrated into the design and implementation of all interventions.


Under Component 1, the MSD interventions of LLM are placed around two-tiers of mutually reinforcing system-level facilitations. The program has been working on a nexus between inclusiveness and sustainability and scale. At one front, the LLM program works to build the capacity of Farmer Producer Enterprises (FPEs), grassroots-level business organizations formed and capacitated to provide needed services for rice farmers. On the other side, the LLM program plays a facilitative role in developing several market-based opportunities to assist the rice market systems to better perform and grow, which will positively affect poor rice farmers, the final beneficiaries of the project. The program partners with various market actors to develop several market solutions to increase the productivity and income of rice farmers and to increase trade in products and services. While the work around FPEs ensures inclusiveness of the project outcomes, the market-based interventions aimed at project outcomes are critical to economic growth.


2) Purpose and objectives of the consultancy

Since December 2018, 65 FPEs formed a township-level Association to institutionalize the provision of support/services to FPEs that have been provided by the LLM team members. An independent and empowered Association is envisaged to continuously deliver capacity building activities to FPEs, facilitate linkages of FPEs with other actors, and carry out financial monitoring/audits of FPEs.

The LLM program is hiring three local consultants to complement activities delivered by LLM team members. The consultants will facilitate on-the-job capacity building activities for the Association with the specific objectives:

  1. Established a financial sustainability mechanism for the Association and strengthened ‘Equity-Sharing’ system within the supported 47 FPEs.
  2. The Equity-Sharing system is promoted and rolled out to other FPEs.


3) Tasks

Each of the consultants will be expected to undertake the following activities:


  1. Meet with LLM team members to get a full understanding of expected deliverables.
  2. Develop work plan and seek for approval from the LLM Capacity Development Advisor and Field Office Coordinator.
  3. Together with the FPE Association’s committees deliver activities among 47 FPEs (12 for each of the local consultants):
    1. Ensure that these FPEs have proper governance system in place,
    2. Monitor the implementation of the Equity-Sharing system,
    3. Facilitate discussion on the agreed business plan and revise as needed,
    4. Review bookkeeping system and provide capacity building as needed,
    5. Observe cash on hand and the use of funds as per agreed business plan,
  1. Promote and roll out the Equity-Sharing system to other FPEs to other 18 FPEs (around 6 FPEs each consultant).
  2. One-page weekly report of the activities delivered during the week and work plan for the following week to be submitted to the LLM Capacity Development Advisor and Field Office Coordinator


4) Support from Mercy Corps Myanmar

LLM will be responsible for the following:

  • Provide guidance on the FPE governance system, the Equity-Sharing approach, business planning, bookkeeping system, cash and business monitoring,
  • Appoint Capacity Development Advisor and Field Office Coordinator as resource person for the consultants to deliver their tasks,
  • Transport (shared boat) and the use of team house located in Kan Bet if necessary,
  • Per-diem as per Mercy Corps policy.


5) Deliverables

The Consultants will be expected to deliver the following outputs:

  • Documented governance system for each of the supported 47 FPEs,
  • Trained committees (at least 3 each FPE) of the supported 47 FPEs on the Equity-Sharing system,
  • Business plans after 2019 (using FPE own money) for each of the supported 47 FPEs,
  • Documented bookkeeping/record from each of the 47 FPEs
  • Trained committees of the 47 FPEs on Equity-Sharing system. 
  • Monthly reports


6) Schedule

Each consultant will work for a maximum of 60 days and all deliverables to be completed no later than October 31 2019.


7) Qualifications

  • Have relevant working experiences,
  • Able to meet the deadlines outlined in the timeframe of this consultancy,
  • Knowledge of the local context where FPEs and its Association are located,
  • Ability to communicate to farmers,
  • Based in Laputta, Kan Bet or villages/towns around those locations,
  • Ability to write and conduct financial calculation.


8)  Application Process and Requirements

Qualified and interested parties are asked to submit the following;

  • Application letter – with indicative daily rate
  • CV demonstrating relevant past experience



9) Assessment Criteria

  • All applications will be assessed on the following criteria:





Experience of Applicant

Ability to understand concepts around FPE and Association, Equity-Sharing system, bookkeeping, business planning


Interpersonal skills

Ability to communicate and present ideas, overall presentation during the selection process


Value for Money

Proposed daily rate






10) Estimate Budget
















Local transport & per diem















To apply: Interested firms need submit with documents together in Application Process and Requirements to  latest by 30th July 2019; 11:59pm in Myanmar Time.



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