Country Co-ordinator Role - Institute of Commercial Management (ICM)

Institute of Commercial Management UK – Recruiting an in-country co-ordinator for Myanmar.


The Institute of Commercial Management UK (ICM) will be interviewing candidates for the position of in-country co-ordinator for Myanmar. The interviews will take place in September in Yangon.


Written applications should be made by no later than 15th September to and must include a CV and cover letter.


Applicants need an academic background and cannot be affiliated with an ICM approved teaching centre.


The role is to represent ICM throughout Myanmar and tasks will include: building relationships with ICM approved teaching centres to assist them with meeting ICM examination regulations and marketing ICM products throughout Myanmar.


It will be necessary to travel throughout Myanmar so access to a vehicle is essential.



Background to ICM:


Established in the 1970s, the Institute of Commercial Management is the leading professional body for Commercial and Business Development staff working in key industry sectors.


The Institute is also an international examining and Awarding body, providing globally recognised Awards for business and management students.


In its capacity as a course developer and an examining and certifying Board, the Institute offers a wide range of professional and vocational Awards in Business, Management and related vocational areas.


ICM programmes are designed to address the personal development and training needs of those wishing to enter the commercial sector and to support the continued development and workplace flexibility of those already in employment.


The Institute’s global services include the design, development and certification of business education and training programmes for education providers; the development and certification of tailored education and training programmes for the corporate sector, emerging industries and the global workforce and the examination, assessment and certification of students undertaking business, management and related vocational education programmes.


Further information can be found on our website:


 Country Co-ordinator Role - ICM


There are four main areas of the function as follows:


1.       Developing external relationships

2.       Reporting on issues, trends and opportunities

3.       Providing an administrative function

4.       Marketing


1. Developing external relationships:


It is important that you develop strong relationships with existing ICM Centres to ensure that they understand and follow correct procedures and have a local point of contact.


A good relationship with Government Ministries and the British Council is necessary.


If there are changes in local regulations, ICM must be made aware of them so that we can comply with legal and procedural requirements.

2. Reporting on issues, trends and opportunities:


In order for ICM to respond appropriately to changes in your territory, we request that you provide monthly reports on local trends, regulations, activities and the status of ICM Approved Centres and competitor activity. (A template for the monthly report will be provided.)

3. Providing an administrative function:


At all times, you will need to maintain a secure postal address where we can send company documentation.


You will also need to maintain a working email address and telephone line. You should check your emails daily and respond within 24 hours of receipt.


Full details of ICM courses are available on the internet and it is recommended that you keep a hard copy of course information on file for meetings and reference purposes.


We will advise you of any changes to syllabi, course structure, procedures and processes and you are required to keep abreast of these changes in order to provide a good level of support to new and existing ICM Centres.


You will need to visit and inspect all ICM Approved Centres on a regular basis and provide them with support, assistance and advice as required ensuring that they meet all local requirements. (A template for the visit report will be provided.)


On the occasions that ICM staff visit your territory, you will be asked to coordinate travel arrangements and meetings as necessary.


4. Marketing:


You need to be familiar with the ICM website, the structure of our programmes and our strategy in order that you can market ICM to existing and potential Centres. This includes the eLearning suite of products which are to be introduced in 2017.


Marketing materials will be made available for distribution by you to ICM approved centres.  The design of all marketing materials will be organised through head office in the UK.


It will be necessary for you to travel around the country and you must have access to a vehicle. All long distance trips must be pre-approved as expenses may not be paid if pre-approval has not been granted.


You will need to attend trade shows and, on some occasions, exhibit an ICM stand. Pre-approval for all expenses is necessary as they may not be paid if pre-approval has not been granted.


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Comment by Khin Win on September 12, 2017 at 15:25

Written applications should be made by no later than 15th September to and must include a CV and cover letter.

Comment by Ye' Yint on September 10, 2017 at 17:45

Can I please know how to apply this position ?

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