The Boston Celtics (Atlantic Division championship)

The Boston Celtics championship rings went 24-58 last season and 33-49 two years ago, this coming after four straight playoff appearances. There is no doubt that the Boston Celtic's luck turned around on May 22, 2007 and July 31, 2007 - the days that Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett were acquired, respectively. No one should be surprised that these guys are good, but maybe just how good and how well this team has meshed together so quickly.

The Boston Celtics have glided out to a 34-8 start and virtually insured themselves the Atlantic Division championship with a 10.5 game lead over the Toronto Raptors. This team has the best trio in the NBA in previously fore-mentioned Allen and Garnett, along with long time Celtic, Paul Pierce. I applaud general manager, Danny Ainge, for the job he has done getting a solid core of veterans on this team, but with only 13 active players on the Celtic roster it definitely wouldn't hurt to get another solid veteran before the trade deadline for playoff time.

Outlook & Predictions: If this team can stay healthy, especially the Big Three, I think they will go 64-18 and make The NBA Finals. The problem is that beyond the big three there is not an incredible amount to this team meaning if KG, Paul Pierce, or Ray Allen leave in the off-season the Boston Celtics could quickly glide down to the middle of the Eastern Conference in the coming years. Even so, I still expect the Celtics to stay a playoff worthy team for at least three years.

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